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We have implemented a support process to keep you informed of your support issue status every step of the way. We provide minimal preventive maintenance with any purchase of software and/or websites. Support requests without an SLA (Service Level Agreement) are billed based on time and materials. We always send an estimate before conducting support services.

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  • Being billed on Time and Materials.
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  • Change Request fees.
  • Varying issue resolution times.

Our Support & Maintenance Process ↓

Support & Maintenance: What’s the difference?

Support is defined as fixing broken software or hardware with reactive development. The primary goal of support is for organizations to ensure that their internal processes run smoothly.

Software and hardware maintenance are defined as proactive development by adding new features. The primary goal of maintenance  is to modify and update software and hardware after deployments to fix bugs and improve system performance.

The types of Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Perfective Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance can be defined as correcting user reported errors in source code. Focuses on low priority repairs of defects. Cost-effective until catastrophic faults occur.

Perfective Maintenance

For the implementation of new features based on user submissions after delivery in order to elevate the functionality and/or performance of the software.

Preventive Maintenance

Entails routine checking for issues and failures. And focuses on decreasing the likelihood of unanticipated effects of evolving operating systems and devices which the software runs on.

Adaptive Maintenance

For maintaining usability in a changing environment. And is required when issues are caused by changes to the operating system, software dependencies, hardware, or business policies of a product, thus requiring changes to the codebase.

Our Support & Maintenance Process

Service Level Agreement

Our team drafts an SLA detailing our support response times and support team availability.  After service is agreed upon, our team is then able to provide service.


Send a formal request to Crunchsoft via either phone call, at 715-502-3155, email We then set up a time to reach out and discuss your request.

Troubleshooting & Analysis

Our team accesses your systems and determines the root cause of the issue or defect. Other possible causes are also reviewed to identify the malfunction.

Solutions & Recommendations

The team may have multiple solutions to resolve the issues causing a malfunction. Recommendations are made with scope and are provided for your review.


With the utilization of development tools and documentation our team works to resolve malfunctions and issues detailed from your request.


Once we verify that all features and functions are stable and operating as developed, we then deploy the fixes. After repairs a notification of support closure is sent.


What is IT Support?

Mainly refers to the services provided by support teams and technology specialists to a company or individual Information technology (IT) problems.

What is Remote Support?

With utilization of remote access technolgy, a support technicion provides remote assistance without having to travel to a device.

What is Software and Website Support?

Software and website support is defined as repairing defective software or a website with reactive development.

What is Software and Website Maintenance?

In software and website development, maintenance generally means to proactively modify and update software applications after deployments to fix bugs and improve system performance.

How do I get on a Support and Maintenance plan?

Ask for a Support and Maintenance plan by contacting Crunchsoft by calling 715-502-3155 or via We schedule and conduct a Discovery meeting with you and the determine a plan that best suits your needs.

What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

An agreement is a commitment between Crunchsoft and you. This agreement will detail the aspects of the service in terms of quality, responsibilities, and response and resolution times.

Need Support?

Call 715-502-3155 or email