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Let’s discuss cross platform software, database design, website, and graphic development, and many more of your business needs! Crunchsoft will metamorphize dreams into reality. Perhaps your company requires production metrics, reporting systems, or simply making software an available service for your business. Tell us what you’re hoping to see, and you’ll be happily surprised. Crunchsoft’s experts are prepared to get everyone, from customers to employees, excited for your business.

Pre-Project Discovery

Take a seat and tell us about those pesky problems and unique needs.
We want to hear it all so we can best serve you!

For Software Development

You are ready for a custom package but don’t know how your current system is setup and should connect to the new software. We help determine the best route for your software and database plans.

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For Graphic Design

Tell us what you want, and we’ll create blueprints, quotes, and timeframes. Give us the details. What does your project require? Specific requirements? What sort of design do you want? Of course, it’ll be user-friendly and optimal for all participants. We’ll integrate your needs and values to your new project.


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For Website Design

Crunchsoft is ready to fashion you a spectacular, unforgettable website. Keep it simple with a single page or expand to a multi-page website to offer a more in depth delve into your services, business needs, and information.



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For Process Improvement

We identify the workflow and needs of your company. Through the understanding of how your company functions, Crunchsoft can help you optimize your processes. Trim the fat and open those bottlenecks with the help of our professional team.



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Software Development

Assisting with optimizing your current systems and developing something unique to your needs. We focus on developing software that is reliable, scalable, & maintainable. Crunchsoft’s professional programmers are ready to go. From simple tools and applications to commercial-grade systems with user-friendly interfaces and specified features, we have options for every budget.

Application Maintanence

Your systems need an overhaul? Something more efficient or just something less frustrating? We’ll tune-up the application for smoother operation and user satisfaction.

schedule Mo. – Mo. 

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Small Scale Application

A more simplistic tool for those critical requirements of a company can be created to your specifications. Our team consults and constructs the perfect programming for an easily adaptable product to assist you in the day-to-day.

schedule 2 Mo.+

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Large Scale Application

Crunchsoft specializes in constructing an application to help your business function the way you dream it could. We enjoy the opportunity to give new life to your company. With a user-friendly interface and set of necessary features, this creation will offer you a more efficient structure.

schedule  1 Yr.+

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Our team of professionals is prepared to enter the competitive realm of contract bidding. Whether it’s taking on a long-term project, collaborating with other teams, or overtaking the projects of another group, our team is ready. Trust your grand endeavors to the quality team of Crunchsoft.

schedule 1 Yr.+

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Graphic Design

Every business wants to leave a lasting impression. Branding will help you cast a wider net into the market. Help more people see your business with a fresh and fetching logo, a proper presence in the world of social media, and a more precise plan toward gathering the consumers’ attention. We’ll mold you a new face to greet the world.

Establish Brand Identity

Sometimes damage can be buffed out and painted over, but sometimes they need more attention and a full rework. Crunchsoft wants to know your values, details, and message. Knowing who you are is how we can sculpt out the fine art that is your brand. Become the company they can’t forget.

schedule 2 Wk.+

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Logo Design

From simplistic designs to more intricate works of digital art, Crunchsoft is able to capture your needs in a single image. It will hang from walls, decorate your webpages, and will look great on shirts.
*Includes 3 design revisions.

schedule 2 Wk.+

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Marketing & Brand Assets

 Branding is the implementation of your identity throughout everything you do. From how you work, and the quality of your service, to the packaging of a product and the lasting impression you leave upon your audience, we can support you to further establish who you are.

schedule 2 Wk.+

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Social Media Planning

With people bound to their devices, social media is the perfect platform for you to be seen and heard. We’ll help you ensure your platform is the right size, well equipped, and presents you properly. They won’t be able to avoid clicking to see what you’re about.

schedule 3 Wk.+

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Website Design, Development & Hosting

Dazzle your customers with a website you can be proud of. Comprehensible for the everyday users, it’ll be a spectacle to draw in the crowds. Fashioned to your values, ideas, and requirements, our websites won’t disappoint.



Simple and to the point. Bring in the views and get your points across. With your information, we’ll make a single page for you to voice your ideas and products across the web.

schedule 1 Wk.+

Site Hosting $200+/Yr.

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A more in-depth package for those needing an organized webpage. Differentiate between services, information, contacts, etc. Spread your ideas out over five pages, and our team will ensure it’s as user-friendly as it is appealing to the eye.

schedule 2 Wk.+

Site Hosting $200+/Yr.

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Obtain online traffic and sales with a  ecommerce website. Benefit from merchant accounts and credit card processing. Online Shop management training provided. *Additional fees apply per product and any variations.

schedule 8 Wk.+

Site Hosting $300+/Yr.

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For those larger projects and companies that require sophisticated systems and a multitude of pages, this is the perfect package. Our team will prepare a mapping of the pages and necessary applications. Cut out your own prime property on the internet.

schedule 12 Wk.+

Site Hosting $300+/Yr.

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Support Plans

Crunchsoft is committed to delivering high-quality services, and support to our customers. Our support staff is ready and available to help you effectively address your issue.

View our Support Process here.


Free Maintenance

After project completion Crunchsoft  ensures that the software and/or websites installed features are up to date and that backups of the software and/or websites are taken. Issues escalated from Free Maintenance to Support are billed based on time and materials. Requires acceptance of an estimate before support begins.

Billed on Time & Materials
Support Escalation fees can apply

Change Request fees can apply


Resolution Time Varies


Feature Request Subscription

Save Up to 9% off monthly bill compared to T&M rates

Support Level 1 with max of 2 service hours per month
30 Day Resolution Time
Support Ticket System Access

Cancel Anytime

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Monthly Subscription Plan


Save Up to 23% off monthly bill compared to T&M rates
Customize Support Level, Hours, & Resolution Time
Support Ticket System Access
1 year contract required
Cancel available before renewal date

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Yearly Subscription Plan


Save Up to 33% off monthly bill compared to T&M rates
Customize Support Level, Hours, & Resolution Time
Support Ticket System Access
1 year contract required
Cancel available before renewal date

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All Services




Copy written for use by your business.

Advertisement Copywriting

Creation of written content utilized for specific business advertisements.

Marketing Copywriting

Creation of written content utilized to market your business.

Social Media Copywriting

Creation of written content your business's social media accounts. 

Website Content Copywriting

Creation of written content for your website.

Pre-Project Discovery

Determine your projects vision, goals, scope, and learn about available solutions from the Crunchsoft team's analysis. 

Pre-Project Discovery Report

A detailed report outlining your projects vision, goals, ccope, and/or available solutions.

Software Development

The development of a custom software application solution to suit your business needs.

Software Hosting

Secure hosting of a current or new software application that is accesible to the appropiate users.

Database Application Development

The design and development of a custom database solution to suit your existing or new business software application needs.

Database Hosting

Secure hosting of a current or new database that is accesible to the appropiate users.

UI/UX Design

Creation of user interface and user experience design software applications.

Purchase Code Base

The purchase of custom software solution code by Crunchsoft.

Graphic Design

Creation of visual content, for your business, to communicate tailored and organized messages to specific target audiences.

Marketing Material Design

Creation of designs for your choice of marketing materials.

Promotional Material Design

Creation of designs for your choice of promotional materials.

Stationery Design

Creation of designs for business writing and office materials.

Style Guide

Creation of a business brand manual that sets the standards for the writing, formatting and design of documents within your business.

Brand Audit

An evaluation of your brand's position in the current marketplace, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to strengthen it. Assesses your brands value, mission and company culture.

Brand Audit Report

A detailed report of the evaluation conducted with the Brand Audit.

Website Design & Development

Creation and implementation of the design, layout, features, and functionality of a new website.

Website Redesign

Redesign of your current existing website utilizing the same content.

Website Hosting

Save costs by securely hosting your website with Crunchsoft. Your website will be hosted utilitzing Amazon Web Services, AWS.

Website Migration

The movement of your website from one domain or server to a more cost efficient and secure domain or server.

Website Domain Forwarding

The setup of forwards for multiple domains to send visitors to a desired website. 

Website Domain Transfer

Change the designated registrar (Google or Godaddy for example) of a domain name. Domain names may be transferred only if they have been registered with the previous registrar for 60 days or more.

E-Commerce Website Design & Development

The building and implementation of an E-Commerce website for the ability to sell your business goods and/or services digitally.

E-Commerce Inventory Entry

The creation and/or entry of your products and/or services into your E-Commerce platform or website.

WordPress Plugin Integration

The installation and setup of a plugin for your WordPress website to enable the function of a new feature requested.

Website Support

The repair of a custom website. This service includes fixing bugs, resolving queries, developing new features and code updates.

Software Support

The repair of a custom software solution. This service includes fixing bugs, resolving queries, developing new features and code updates.

Database Support

The repair of a database application. This service includes fixing bugs, resolving queries, developing new features and code updates.

Google Site Setup

The initial setup and implementation of a custom Google Site.

Google Site Design

The custom design of your custom Google Site.

Google Site Development

Integrate desired website features into a Google Site.

Google Workspace Setup

The setup of Google Workspace for your business.

Google My Business Setup

The setup of Google My Business for your business.

Google Website Analytics Reporting

Recieve a monthly report outlining your websites analytics and usage.

Software Application Training

Learn how to manage and use a Software Application.

Graphic Design Use Training

Training on how to properly use your graphic design elements to have an effective branding system.

Social Media Management Training

Training on how to properly use Facebook, Instagram, and other platform to leverage marketing for your business.

Content Management System (CMS) Training

Learn how to utilize a CMS for a Website, E-Commerce, Google & more. A content management system is a computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content.

Google My Business Management Training

Training on how to use and manage Google My Business for your business.

Google Workspace Training

Training for modifying and managing your Google Workspace account.

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